Physician Spotlight: Dr. Roy Nissim

Physician Spotlight: Dr. Roy Nissim

DR. ROY NISSIM is a man of many talents. Professionally, he's a chiropractor, a soft tissue specialist and an exercise rehabilitation specialist based in beautiful Santa Monica, California. And when the cape is off, he's always moving and healing. He's no stranger to improving movement in his patients' lives and, like the many lovers and wearers of Lasso athletic socks, leads an active lifestyle himself. His dedication to helping others is inspiring and admirable, and his main goal at the end of the day is to promote wellness while assisting his patients’ to reach the ultimate level of health in their specific sport or activity. He conveniently tailors his techniques to each individual patient, assuring you’ll get the attention you need on your path to recovery.

Dr. Roy found Lasso through word of mouth and mutual friends. And like anyone else hearing about the unique compression technology Lasso possesses, he was eager to slide his feet into a pair to feel the difference. Whether skeptical or not, he tried them and felt the benefits almost immediately. “I was introduced to Lasso’s CEO, Partha Unnava about two years ago,” says Dr. Roy. “He gave me a pair of Lasso compression socks to try out and after my first wear, I was beyond amazed. I didn’t want to take them off!” he exclaims. 


People are drawn to Lasso performance socks through numerous avenues, but there is always an underlying theme amongst the groups—the desire to move better, be better and live a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Roy and his patients are no different. Lasso socks and apparel are made for the aspiring athlete and casual mover alike, with the goal to improve everything from sore ankles to musculoskeletal health to overall physical/athletic performance. Dr. Roy tells us, “I used to have pain when I played basketball and really any activity that required me to run or jump. When I wore Lasso athletic socks, the pain diminished while I was doing an activity.” Emphasizing on this, he adds, “And if I wore them after I did the activity, the pain would subside faster if I left them on my feet for a period afterwards, rather than if I took off the socks immediately after play. This was a huge plus and benefit to me personally.” 


“I wear Lasso performance socks to help bring down swelling during long days. The unique compression technology designed in the socks really helps with that.”


With experience in treating a broad spectrum of individuals of all ages, Dr. Roy primarily specializes in athletes ranging from amateur to professional levels. He takes great pleasure in working with and mentoring young athletes, helping them succeed at their chosen sport by teaching them how to prevent injuries through the right stretches and exercise. He also spends time volunteering at local high schools to treat aspiring athletes during practices, meets and events.



Being a chiropractor, Dr. Roy is no stranger to being on his feet longer than the average person—at times up to 12 hours a day. He tells us, “I wear Lasso performance socks to help bring down swelling during long days. The unique compression technology designed in the socks really helps with that.” Like many medical professionals, Dr. Roy utilizes the benefits of Lasso compression socks both professionally and personally. Elaborating on this, he adds, “And having the added ankle stability gives me the reassurance that I am able to do my work for the entire day. I also use Lasso compression socks to reduce injury. I leave the socks on for a minimum of one hour after every activity I do to help with my recovery.” And by doing this, Dr. Roy is achieving the full round of benefits that Lasso athletic socks offer—from function and added support to recovery benefits. 

Dr. Roy has successfully treated acute and repetitive strain injuries in half the time as other therapy methods using both traditional his own methods and unique exercise rehabilitation. These results allow an individual to return to their normal activities after only several treatments. “I recommend Lasso compression socks to any of my patients who are experiencing plantar fasciitis, foot pain, toe pain, ankle pain, or any calf/achilles tendon pain or irritation,” Dr. Roy explains. “With a combination of myofascial release techniques to loosen up the tissue, a CBD cream (Phyto-Zol) to reduce pain and inflammation, along with the added benefits of Lasso performance socks—it’s a game changer for my patients!” 



The true success stories come from the situations where doctors and patients can share the benefits of rehab and movement with each other. Look no further than Lasso for any pre- or post-surgery compression sock needs. Because Lasso performance socks can help everyone, from aspiring athletes to anyone simply standing on their feet all day. “I use Lasso socks to help me in my everyday life, from being on my feet all day as a Chiropractor or being physically active while playing all kinds of sports and playing with my kids,” says Dr. Roy. “Without Lasso socks, it would be very difficult for me to stay as active as I am.” 


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