How long to wear compression socks after bunion surgery?

How long to wear compression socks after bunion surgery?

Socks are the most underrated as well as the most overlooked piece of clothing. Most people who have undergone bunion surgery are prescribed to wear compression socks.

It not only helps in reducing swelling but also increases the rate of healing. Compression stockings are generally used after surgery to prevent blood clots from developing in the leg, commonly known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Before diving deep into this, let us understand what bunion surgery is.

What is bunion surgery?

Bunion surgery is done to reduce the pain and correct the deformity caused by a bunion. It is used to treat and correct the alignment of the bone and repair the soft tissues around the big toe. This relieves the pain and improves the functionality of the bunion. 

Now that we have a clear idea of what bunion surgery is, let’s have a glimpse as to why one should use a compression sock after bunion surgery.

Why do we use compression socks after bunion surgery?

Compression socks are prescribed by many doctors for various medical issues. It helps reduce swelling and relieve pain while maintaining the body's blood flow. There are several benefits of wearing a compression sock. Let us have a look into it.

  • Helps to reduce swelling
  • Corrects the toe alignment
  • Allows increased activity
  • Prevents blood clots from developing in the leg
  • Enhances the healing process

The benefits of using compression socks are many but there is a proper way of wearing them. To enjoy the pros of using it, one should use it as prescribed by the doctor. Let us understand now how long one should wear a compression sock post-bunion surgery.


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Are compression socks suggested for everyone?

Although compression socks come along with a lot of benefits, it isn’t suggested for all patients.

Compression socks should not be worn by anyone who has peripheral vascular disease in their lower limbs.

If your lower extremities are affected by peripheral vascular disease, you should avoid wearing compression socks because compression socks may aggravate ischemic conditions.

How long one should wear compression socks after bunion surgery?

Your doctor or any other healthcare professional will suggest you wear a compression sock after bunion surgery. They will also prescribe how and for how long you should use the sock to get the best results post-surgery.

Generally, the patients are asked to wear it all day long until they can move freely. This also enhances the mobility one loses after surgery and steadily lets the patient get back to normal life.

Here are certain things that the doctor generally suggests post-bunion surgery.

  • Wear compression socks for a minimum of three to eight weeks after surgery.
  • It should be worn for 10-12 hours per day for a month with a knee-high of 20-30 mmHg. 
  • A crew compression sock (10-20 mmHg) should be on hand for eight to ten hours per day for a month.
  • Moreover, compression socks like bandages stay in place for a long time because they remain intact. 
  • Choose a sock made out of a breathable material such as bamboo but try avoiding cotton socks as it has a high friction coefficient that might damage your bunions.
  • Wear a sock that is comfortable to wear and doesn’t slip down easily.

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We can thus conclude by saying that it doesn't cause more harm than good by wearing a compression sock without consulting a doctor.

We all have now understood how beneficial wearing a compression sock is and how one should use it as prescribed by medical professionals. So enjoy the benefits and heal your pain miraculously.