Lasso Athlete Spotlight: Brooke Hendrix

Lasso Athlete Spotlight: Brooke Hendrix

NAME SOMEONE YOU know who has broken their nose four times and had surgery for three of them. I’ll give you a second. Here’s one: Brooke Hendrix! This fun little fact was shared to us by Brooke with a smile—which, when you think about it, really says a lot about her character. The best part about it? Not one of these breaks (or any injury for that matter) have slowed her down even the slightest. Brooke is a professional soccer player and is clearly as tough as nails. She shows no signs of letting up as she progresses daily in her soccer career and we love to see it. From training to games to the needed recovery that comes with the wear and tear involved in the sport, it’s athletes like her that wave the Lasso flag high and proud; the ones who Stay Moving despite any circumstances. And for these reasons, among many others, we salute Brooke. 



Surprisingly, after graduating college, Brooke actually didn’t think she would be able to play professional soccer. Visions of grad school presented themselves before her. She tells us, “I went to the University of Southern Mississippi, a mid-sized D1 university, and wasn’t drafted so I honestly thought I would have to move on and go to grad school. But then my college coach hooked me up with a soccer trainer back in Georgia, Alex Pama, and he was able to train me at a higher level.” Training with Alex gave Brooke the opportunity to go to some trials overseas in Europe to connect with a few different leagues there. The light at the end of the tunnel was burning brighter. Brook emphasizes on this, telling us, “After the trials, I was able to get on a team and then get an agent and I progressed through leagues in different countries until returning to play here in the NWSL. I knew I wasn’t ready to give up soccer so I was very excited to be blessed with the opportunities to keep going.”


“I’ve always struggled with ankle issues and Lasso compression socks have helped to control the swelling and support my joints before, during, and after training and games.”


Hendrix grew up in a small town where soccer wasn’t particularly strong. At the time, she also went to a lesser known school for soccer. Because of this, she was forced to take a longer route to arrive at the professional game through many trials and lesser known leagues. “I didn’t make the varsity team my freshman year of high school,” explains Brooke. “I was told I wasn’t good enough to play D1 college soccer.” Brooke’s resilience really outshined the struggles that were presented to her. A small laundry list of setbacks couldn’t slow her down. There was no chance. It was all the more reason for her to succeed. Brooke tells us, “I had financial struggles where I had to work for scholarships in club soccer and for college. I’ve slept on floors so I could play with a team to make a name for myself. I’ve worked at a Subway sandwich shop and in a vegetable/fruit packaging plant to make ends meet while playing. I’ve been told no at multiple trials and tryouts, among other personal setbacks.” A lot of people would’ve thrown in the towel long ago, but not Brooke. She fought the good fight armed with a smile. Reflecting on this, she tells us, “However, with all that said, I actually think all of those setbacks have driven me to push harder towards my goals and dreams. I am where I am today because of the support of my family and friends. It means so much and gets you so far when you have people that believe in you.”



Brooke is a true believer in Lasso and utilizes the unique compression benefits often, whether she's training, playing or simply moving throughout her days. Lasso performance socks are designed to improve movement while reducing injuries like sprained ankles, achilles tendonitis and common foot and ankle issues, which make them a perfect addition to Brooke's fast-paced routine. “I love wearing Lasso athletic socks during training for the compression and proprioceptive advantage they give,” Brooke tells us. “I’ve always struggled with ankle issues and Lasso compression socks have helped to control the swelling and support my joints before, during, and after training and games.” Brooke excitedly mentions she wears Lasso compression socks all the time, on and off the field. As an athlete who spends so much time on her feet, Brooke needed effective support that would last, while ultimately promoting the recovery benefits she needed. Adding to the notion, she says, “Lasso socks even help on travel days to help with blood flow in my lower legs and feet!” 

Athletic equipment is pivotal in professional sports—from shoes and socks, to general apparel and beyond—and Brooke’s needs are simple: to be dependable, for one, and to last long while maintaining quality. Three of the many traits Lasso performance socks boast. “I want to know that throughout a game and even a season I have equipment that will support me and keep me moving,” she explains. “This definitely applies to Lasso athletic socks because they are just that.” Adding to that, Brooke tells us, “I know every time I put on my Lasso socks, I feel secure knowing that they will do their job.” With Lasso socks on her feet, Brooke is destined for success and we are excited to see her Lasso Up while excelling in her professional soccer career. When asked why Brooke stays moving, her answer was straightforward as it was strong. “I stay moving because I’m a part of a team and we all rely on each other to stay moving,” she says. “I just love the feeling you get when you stay active and keep your body healthy!” 


“I know every time I put on my Lasso socks, I feel secure knowing that they will do their job.”


At the end of the day, Brooke just wants to see the people around her succeed. Thankfully, with the help of Lasso performance socks, success is always just around the corner. She is an encouraging person, a great teammate and a talented athlete who is currently charging full speed towards her goals and we're happy to be moving with her. “I love to see people around me succeed,” Brooke tells us. “And I think that when you’re lifting people up around you that you can get so much further yourself, too.”

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